Progressive Blog Digest: “The fix is in”

This daily blog is composed of clips and links from other progressive blog and news sites, accompanied by my own observations. It documents the failure and decline of the Republican party and the efforts of the Obama administration to build a new, lasting Democratic coalition.

GOP strategy #743 on Obamacare: We’ll fix it

Weeks ago, many Republicans said ObamaCare — including Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) — was too broken to fix. But now, the GOP is drafting legislation that aims to do just that.

The GOP wants to rebuild its political capital and public credibility by solving ObamaCare’s implementation problems. . . .  [NB: Yep, folks, the GOP just wants to help Obamacare work BETTER. Yes, that’s right. . . uh . . . Why are you laughing?] 

Lindsey Graham is an ass
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Sunday defended his decision to block President Barack Obama’s executive branch nominations partially based on a story about Benghazi that 60 Minutes was forced to retract. . . . .


GOP Bizarroworld

Well, we can hope

Chuckles Dave Wilson chuckles as he talks about his unorthodox political campaign.

“I’d always said it was a long shot,” Wilson says. “No, I didn’t expect to win.” Still, he figured he’d have fun running, because he was fed up with what he called “all the shenanigans” at the Houston Community College System. As a conservative white Republican running in a district whose voters are overwhelmingly black Democrats, the odds seemed overwhelmingly against him.

Then he came up with an idea, an advertising strategy that his opponent found “disgusting.” If a white guy didn’t have a chance in a mostly African-American district, Wilson would lead voters to think he’s black.  And it apparently worked.


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