Rand Paul’s plagiarism predicament: Cartoonists and satirists add their own footnotes

To quote Rand Paul [see how easy it is to include attribution in your writings?], ” It’s a little hard to footnote things accurately.” Actually, it’s not, as I have just demonstrated. By the time the 2016 presidential election campaign rolls around, we’ll probably have forgotten all about Rand Paul’s proclivity for borrowing other peoples’ words and pretending they’re his own–unless, of course, he continues to forget that the plagiarism police inevitably get their man and that people really don’t like it when you steal stuff. It’s sort of a moral issue, y’know?

Here’s how Mad Magazine responded to Rand Paul’s response to accusations of plagiarism:


After  Paul’s plagiarism predicament presented itself last week, editorial cartoonists went to work. Here are some of the best examples [assuming, of course, that the images are original, not copied from other cartoonists, etc.] Please note that I’m not pretending that I drew these  myself, and that they include the artists’ signatures.

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