Trump says he’s not afraid of the NRA. Yeah, right

At his made-for-tv bipartisan meeting with Senators and Congressional representatives, Donald Trump said that, unlike others in the room, he isn’t “afraid of the NRA.”  I call BS.

At the meeting, Trump “proposed” gun-control “policies” that sounded like those favored by Sandy-Hook-school-massacre parents [also prompting Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Amy Klobuchar to burst out laughing.] Less than 24 hours later, he meets with the NRA and changes his “mind” on gun laws, due process, everything gun-related.

Let’s see: NRA spends $30 million to help Trump get elected in 2016. In 2018, the NRA objects to something he says. So, having spent $30 mil on him, they have bought instant access, and can call him up, demand an immediate meeting, walk right in and get what they want.

I’m not saying that what Trump initially said during the meeting came from any kind of belief or conviction or thought. He just wanted to seem leader-ish and agreeable for the tv audience. He was riffing, ad libbing, certain that he was killing it. It was another example of him agreeing with the last person he talked to.

That being said, the whole affair offers yet another object lesson on what campaign money buys. Perhaps, too, it may parallel the effect of Trump’s probable—but not yet documented—financial indebtedness to Russia and explain why he consistently kisses Putin’s ass.