Workout TV. What’s on yours?

Fox-NewsWho controls what you view on TV as you stair-climb, ellipiticize, pump, lift and stretch? In many gyms, the TV is permanently set on Fox News. Some of us object to this practice: It’s okay to watch Fox at home, but there’s something uncomfortable about businesses showing Fox in public places. It feels like an endorsement of the Fox viewpoint.  Indeed, it would not shock me to learn that, among right-wingers, there’s a tacit, unspoken understanding that like-minded folks should capitalize on every opportunity to make Fox the preferred channel where the public gathers. I’d like to see a study of what percentage of gyms, bars, electronics stores and other enterprises with tv’s are, at any given time, showing Fox.

So, here’s an idea. If you’re looking for a simple, everyday way to demonstrate your commitment to progressive ideas–and to perform a non-threatening act of protest, try talking to your gym manager, bartender or tv salesperson and asking that the channel be changed to CNN.