Alyona Minkovski: a young woman to watch

Watch where, you may ask? Well, how about RT TV (formerly Russian TV). Based out of RT’s Washington D.C. Bureau, Alyona Minkovski, at the young age of 25, has her own daily one-hour show, called, The Alyona Show. She offers a hard-hitting progressive analysis of what is going on today—what you wish you could see on mainstream television, but never will.

Who is Alyona Minkovski?

She is an American citizen who came to this country with her Russian parents when she was 4 years old. After she got her degree in political science from University of California, Santa Cruz, she got a job reporting for RT TV and then, quickly got her own show.

Intelligent and fearless, Alyona offers a fresh perspective on U.S. and world politics by covering bold and daring stories no one else wants to touch. Nothing or no one is safe from her straight talking critical analysis. Young, intelligent, and a breath of fresh air, she understands that corporate owned, mainstream TV no longer speaks to young people. So, her show is targeted to the mid-twenties to mid thirties demographic. She is sometimes sarcastic and irreverent, often entertaining, and at the same time, she offers substantive reporting on issues that matter.

If you don’t get RT TV on your channel line up, (it’s available in most major cities) you can watch taped shows online here.

To get to know more about Alyona,and RT TV, watch this August 7, 2011 C-Span interview with her here.