Mike Huckabee robo calling–again

For the second time in three days, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has robo-called me. Here’s a summary of what he said, with quotes from my notes.

This time, Huckabee is shilling for the National Committee for Family, Faith and Prayer. [In the call I received two days ago, he spoke on behalf of Citizens United. It turns out that NCFFP is a project of Citizens United. According to NCFFP’s website, the group’s goal is

“to raise public and political awareness of the filth and anti-Christian bigotry in America today.Christianity and its values are constantly downplayed and are in danger of being outlawed completely.”

.This morning, Huckabee is outraged that “the biggest atheist group in America—the National Freedom from Religion Foundation” is trying to “ban the National Day of Prayer.”

“Can you imagine a country in which we are forbidden to pray?” asks Huckabee. “If the National Freedom from Religion Organization wins, they’ll rewrite our Pledge of Allegiance, and we’ll have to change our national motto.”

Huckabee urges me to speak out against this effort now and to “defend our god-given right to pray for our country.”

He also wants me to fear that atheist groups will “force our children to learn about gay history by keeping god out of our schools,” and that these groups are “pushing our children to be atheists.”

Also, Huckabee adds, “President Obama is the only president to not give an Easter address, but to find the time for a Ramadan address.”

Unlike during his previous call, Huckabee doesn’t offer me a free copy of his book. But the live “assistant” who comes on the line after the robo portion of the program asks me if I agree that atheist groups are trying to forbid us from teaching about God and Jesus Christ in our schools, and then, of course, asks me for a donation to help with the fight.

Just thought you might want to know, in case you’ve been ignoring the toll-free numbers on your Caller ID.