Pollster asks: “If Todd Akin dropped out…”

As annoying as robo-pollsters can be, it’s often worth picking up the phone, answering the questions, and sticking with it until the end, because you can never be sure exactly where they’re going, and the end can be quite intriguing. Case in point, the Public Policy Poll I answered tonight.

It started with a series of boilerplate political questions:

Do you have a positive or negative opinion of Mitt Romney? President Obama?

Do you have a positive or negative opinion of Paul Ryan? Joe Biden?

Do you approve or disapprove  of President Obama’s performance?


Note that I got this call at 7:15 pm on Monday, August 20, while I was sitting in front of my TV, watching MSNBC’s “The Ed Show,” the subject of which was, of course, the Todd Akin “legitimate rape” debacle.

I was tempted to bail on the call, but I’m glad I didn’t, because the final set of questions started with…”If Todd Akin dropped out…”   Wow.

So, less than 36 hours after Akin made his imbecilic remark on The Jaco Report, somebody—is trying to figure the next move by trying to determine who the best or worst opponent would be for Claire McCaskill.

And the choices were fascinating. The poll floated a plethora of Missouri Republicans who might get the nod from the MO GOP, if Akin takes the dive that every Republican leader in America wants him to.

Here’s the question, with the various  [less horrifying to Repubs than Akin] options, and my comments in ital.

“If Todd Akin dropped out, and the Republican candidate was…[option here], would you vote for the Republican or for Claire McCaskill?”

Sarah Steelman  [former Missouri State Treasurer. She finished third in the August 7 primary]

John Bruenner [wealthy businessman who spent $7 million of his own money on the primary. He finished second.]

John Ashcroft  [They’re trotting out former Bush-administration Attorney General Ashcroft?.]

Jim Talent [The incumbent US Senator that McCaskill beat in 2006.]

Jo Ann Emerson [Current US Congressman from Missouri’s 8th District]

Personally, I’m hoping that this poll is rendered moot by an Akin decision to forge ahead, listen to God’s voice in his ear, and stay on the ticket.