Finally, a political ad that’s fun to watch

A lot of creativity is absent from the current crop of national political ads. According to Studio360’s Kurt Anderson,

The real problem with campaign ads today isn’t that they’re mean, or contain fuzzy numbers. It’s that they’re boring.

“The same people that would do great commercials for products and services would also do political commercials,” advertising veteran Bob Gardner tells Kurt. “But this ended a few decades ago. The political priesthood took over and they decided that Madison Avenue did not know how to do political ads, that political ads were a breed apart, and that was not the same thing as selling soap and toothpaste.”

Well, maybe the creative crowd has returned to the game. A recent ad from the Obama campaign is classic satire with a nod to Jon Stewart. It features the sinister character, Big Bird. The ad has of course ruffled a few feathers on Sesame Street. But hey, it’s nice to see someone has a sense of humor.