Robo Ashcrofts want me to vote for Todd Akin

Missouri’s Todd Akin is trotting out former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and his wife, Janet, to robo call for him as he desperately tries to defeat Claire McCaskill.  [Remember Ashcroft, the guy who spent $8,000 of taxpayers’ money to place  modesty draping over the breast-revealing, art-deco statue of the Spirit of Justice in Washington, D.C.?]

The call entails John, then Janet, then John, then Janet, acting out a bad cop, bad cop plea for votes, as they alternate imploring me to vote for Todd Akin to “control reckless spending,” and to prevent “the government takeover of our personal lives.”  [This is from a virulently anti-choice former Attorney General who favors government-enforced pregnancies. No takeover of our personal lives or uteri there, right?]

Also, they want me to vote for Todd Akin to “save our kids from being slaves to our national debt.” Hmm, the use of that word, “slaves,” was pretty jarring in today’s non-post-racial political atmosphere.

Anyway, they both really really want me to vote for Todd Akin. Not gonna happen.