Agribusiness: worst way to feed the world

If you want to know the real story about what you eat, check out the website for “Food MythBusters.” Here’s what Food MythBusters is about:

Food MythBusters uses animated videos, short live-action docs, grassroots events, and an online resource center to tell the real story of our food, debunking persistent myths about sustainable food and farming. The first mythbusting video takes on the myth that we need industrial agriculture to feed the world and considers alternatives in solving hunger and providing food security. Food MythBusters is the first program of the Real Food Media Project, a collaborative initiative to inspire, educate, and grow the movement for sustainable food and farming across the United States.

And here’s the video. It’s only 6 minutes long, but it will give you ammunition at Thanksgiving dinner, when your right-wing uncle starts haranguing you about how GMOs are “feeding the world.” After viewing this film, you can explain to him, and everyone else at the table, why he’s wrong.