We are the 92%: Do something about gun violence now!

How many more senseless killings will it take before we make sure our voices are  heard?  The “we,” if you haven’t already guessed, are the 92% of Americans (both gun owners and non–gun owners) who support commonsense background checks for individuals purchasing firearms.

Ask yourself: What will it take to convince me to make the phone call, write the letter, stand up at a town-hall meeting or, if all else fails, work to defeat at the voting booth those who shirk their responsibility to protect us and our loved ones?

No More Names: The National Drive to Reduce Gun Violence is rolling into 25 states in the next 100 days to remind us that we 92% are the majority on this issue and that we’re not helpless. On September 19 the campaign gathered in Washington, D.C., to demand action to stop the tragedies and recorded the video below.

Listen to the words of those who have already been touched by the violence and then do something. Demand Action!