Why women do not love Huckabee

Well, clearly, someone did not learn from Todd Akin. As if the Republican Party really had any leeway for chauvinistic comments after Akin’s “legitimate rape” theory, along comes Mike Huckabee espousing the virtues of the Republican “war for women” (opposing the supposed Democratic “war on women”) so, we poor, pathetic damsels in distress can be more than “victims of [our] gender.” Please. I would laugh if not for the bile gathering in my throat.

These are the “educated” people we elect to our nation’s powerful political offices? Men who see a double X chromosome as something to be a victim to? Honest to goodness, he used the phrase women who “can control their libido and their reproductive system without the help of the government.”Really? Really? I mean that’s practically the same thing in fancier terminology that turned Todd Akin into a laughingstock. Unbelievable. Honestly, Mr. Huckabee, is it that difficult for you to see women simply as people who would want health insurance? Frankly, the commentary on the Republican “war for women” simply strengthens all opposition; you reduced us to mere victims of our XX chromosomes. If we are victims, it’s because of a society run by people like you, sir. Perhaps you and Mr. Akin could sit in on a high school anatomy or sex ed. class. Even a middle school health class would probably be beneficial for you.