2014, the year I cut my cable and cancelled the NYT

Ukraine flagFor me, 2014 was a year of profound revelation. It’s the year I came to fully understand the depth of the corruption of the United States government and its elected officials. The revelations came after I cut my cable, stopped relying on the New York Times and other mainstream print media as a source of information, and turned to independent, left-leaning investigative journalists who are not beholden to a corporate/bank paycheck.

I also broadened my reading beyond the U.S. to journalists and news sources from other countries. My eyes were opened and, I have to say, my stomach was turned. It became clear to me that the United States is the main source of violence in the world—and without a doubt, the most ruthless nation on the planet.

The selling of Wall Street driven wars

Here in the U.S., we are drowning in a sea of government-sponsored propaganda designed to get us onboard with Wall Street driven wars, genetically modified “frankenfoods,” fracking— whatever the corporate funders of political campaigns want. Fear mongering and emotional manipulation, demonization of world leaders targeted for regime change, militarization of the police, and blanket domestic surveillance are sold to a the American public as necessary to keep us safe. The lies have become grotesquely Orwellian. The mainstream media slavishly reports them as truth, and gullible Americans swallow them whole.

The ongoing New York Times reporting on Ukraine was one of the worst examples of government/media lies in 2014. We are told that Russian aggression is dangerous and has to be contained. But, what is really going on? What happened in Kiev in 2014?

Ukraine nazis

The US, taking advantage of local unrest in Ukraine, fanned the flames, funded local Neo Nazi thugs, supplied U.S. mercenaries, and instigated a violent coup in Kiev. The U.S. was behind the overturning a democratically elected government and the installation of a US backed puppet regime. The U.S. was and continues to be the aggressor in Ukraine. The rest of the world knows this but clueless Americans, watching the lies on the evening news, believe Vladimir Putin has horns and is on a rampage to take over the world—the United States and NATO being the only forces willing to step up and hold back the evil Russian hoards.

What are the real reasons the U.S. is involved in Ukraine?

Plain and simple: the powers that be in this country want to stop Russian economic integration and partnership with Europe and Asia. As always, American foreign policy is about money and power—and only about money and power. It’s about government paving the way for bank and corporate exploitation. It’s about oil and gas pipelines, and the control the world and its resources. It’s about the U.S. insisting on a unipolar world where it is the sole superpower. Any country that doesn’t submit to its hegemony is destroyed as were Iraq and Libya.

Ukraine 4The Russian-speaking people of eastern Ukraine, horrified at the Nazi infested regime installed by the U.S., showed their objection by taking over local police stations and arming themselves. The government of Kiev, under the guidance and direction of CIA director John Brennan, (who instructed them to start calling the separatists “terrorists”) marched across the country and attacked them with heavy armor and tanks. (Note: The so-called “Russian-backed separatists” did not march across Ukraine to attack Kiev.)

People suffer and die for the enrichment of U.S. banks and corporations. The stomach turning aspect of American foreign policy can be found in the photos accompanying this post.

The U.S. caused suffering in Eastern Ukraine

The Associated Press reports that as of December 15, 2014, the UN confirmed death toll in Eastern Ukraine is 4,707. These are ordinary human beings—men, women and children of Eastern Ukraine—who died in the past year, because of a U.S.-backed coup and civil war. An additional 10,322 people have been wounded. More than 5 million are facing increasing hardships as winter sets in. The most vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, children and people in state institutional care, are being affected by disruptions in social and medical services.

On December 22, 2014, The Guardian reported that according to the UN high commissioner for refugees, 514,000 people have been internally displaced in Eastern Ukraine since the fighting began. Of those, 233,000 have sought permanent refuge in Russia and smaller numbers in Poland and Belarus.

Ukraine dead childAs far as I’m concerned, the blood and human suffering in Ukraine are on the hands of Barack Obama, Victoria (“fuck the EU”) Nuland and her fellow neocons in the State Department, CIA director John Brennan, as well as John McCain, who was in Kiev encouraging violence in the run up to the the coup. Blood is also on the hands of executives at Monsanto and other corporate CEOs who are salivating at the chance to profit from the resources of Ukraine, and on Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, who was given a lucrative job on the board of a Ukrainian gas company days after the coup. Blood is also on the hands of the IMF and its soul-killing, bank-friendly austerity measures implemented immediately by the U.S. backed regime.

The level of corruption in the United States is sociopathic and the willingness of those in power to kill people for corporate profit is sickening. The fact that those in government lie, routinely, to the American people to hide the true motives for war is despicable.

It was unhooking myself from mainstream media, and seeking out writers and journalists whose progressive, humanitarian values I share, that helped me see the United States more clearly. The mainstream media is a powerful force for keeping people ignorant and uninformed. But there is more going with the American people than being bamboozled by propaganda.

We like being top dog and don’t want to give it up

The most disturbing aspect of Americans, particularly of liberal Democrats, is the acceptance of US militarism as necessary for economic survival and for “safety.” Many liberals, even those who call themselves progressives, are exceedingly comfortable with the United States being top dog in the world. Even when presented with massive evidence to the contrary, most Americans cling to a fantasy of the United States as a force for good, battling against the forces of evil, always defined for them, of course, by the government and its corporate media.

Contrary to popular opinion, The U.S. is not innocent

Journalistic malpractice is a huge problem in the United States, but so is this pervasive American belief in the myth of American innocence. It keeps Americans infantile, clueless and uninformed. The ability of the government and corporate media to manipulate is made easier because the American people are so easy to manipulate. Karl Rove built his career on the gullibility of naive Americans,

At this time, at the beginning of 2015, when it comes to foreign policy, I do not trust the New York Times, or any other major US newspaper, and I consider TV news, with a few exceptions, to be basically worthless as a source of credible information. Is mainstream media overwhelmingly bad? Of course, within the vast corporate owned universe, there are many writers who communicate and report with compassion and integrity. But, I will continue to look outside the mainstream media for my understanding of the United States and the powers that control it. Even if you don’t want to give up mainstream media, I encourage you to do the same.

From a dangerous unipolar world to a peaceful multipolar world

Despite this bleak picture, I am optimistic that in the next decade the world will stand up to the United States, will reject the dollar as reserve currency, and thus curtail our bank and corporate owned government’s ability to bully the world. As I write, Russia, China, and the BRICS nations are deliberately undermining U.S. dominance by forging trade agreements to be settled outside the dollar. The president of France, in the last few days, spoke out against U.S, sanctions against Russia. These are good things, and signs that the U.S. Empire is in decline.

My hope is that we will move from a unipolar world to a multi-polar one dedicated to a peaceful, mutually beneficial coexistence, in which countries opt for fair trade rather than war, and where income and resources are shared in a more balanced way.

I consider that the unipolar model is not only unacceptable but also impossible in today’s world. . . .  What is even more important is that the model itself is flawed because at its basis there is, and can be, no moral foundations for modern civilisation.

Vladimir Putin, speech at Munich Conference on Security Policy, February 12. 2007