Ukrainians refusing to fight in U.S. proxy war with Russia

Ukrainian troops surrender to rebelsIn case you haven’t noticed, U.S. mainstream media has been spewing out anti-Russian, anti-Putin propaganda since the U.S. backed coup in Kiev last year. If you believe the lies on TV and in the New York Times, an emboldened Putin is planning to take over the world, one country at a time. First, they report breathlessly, he is determined to take over Ukraine, then he’s after the former Soviet nations, and then, who knows? Scary isn’t it? Obviously, Russia wants to take over the world. Oh, wait a minute. . . that’s what the United States is trying to do.

If the rebels in the Eastern Provinces really are Russian soldiers, (rather than Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens who refuse to accept the corrupt, U.S. stooge government in Kiev) you would think the Ukrainians in the West would eagerly join the army to fight Putin’s soldiers invading from the East. But they know better. They are refusing to be drafted to fight and kill their fellow Ukrainians in a war that they know is being run by the corrupt, U.S. backed government in Kiev. The photo is of Ukrainian soldiers surrendering to the rebels in Eastern Ukraine

On February 10, the Guardian reported that Ukrainian journalist:

Ruslan Kotsaba posted a video addressed to the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, last week in which he said he would rather go to prison for five years for draft-dodging than fight pro-Russia rebels in the country’s east. Now he faces 15 years in jail after being arrested for treason and obstructing the military.

Justin Raimondo, reports at about the growing anti-war movement in Ukraine:

Draft resistance is at an all-time high: a mere 6 percent of those called up [to fight the rebels in the eastern provinces] have reported voluntarily. This has forced the Kiev authorities to go knocking on doors—where they are met either with a mass of angry villagers, who refuse to let them take anyone, or else ghost towns where virtually everyone has fled. In the Transcarpathia region of western Ukraine, entire villages have been emptied, the inhabitants fleeing to Russia to wait out the war—or the fall of the Kiev regime, whichever comes first. “It may seem a paradox,” says Transcarpathia’s chief recruitment officer, “but from the western Ukrainian region of Ternopyl people have fled to Russia in order to escape army conscription.” The frantic [U.S backed] Ukrainian regime is now contemplating conscripting women over 20.

Poroshenko’s military mobilization is due not only to numerous setbacks in the east – Ukrainian troops are being pushed back on all fronts by highly motivated rebels defending their own towns and villages – but also because thousands are deserting, throwing down their arms and fleeing to Russia. In response, the Ukrainian parliament has passed a law authorizing local commanders to shoot deserters on the spot.

Raimondo continues:

With [Ukrainian president] Poroshenko’s war looking like a major disaster, one that could easily topple his EU/US-installed regime, the War Party in the US is turning up the heat, demanding that Washington provide Kiev with arms. Sen. John McCain is – naturally – leading the charge, but prominent liberals are also in the front ranks, with leading scholars of the Brookings Institution recently calling for heavy weapons to be sent. That provoked a response from a dissident within Brookings, former State Department official Jeremy Shapiro, who argues that the Ukrainian conflict is a civil war that cannot have a military solution, and is more than likely to provoke a dangerous military confrontation with Russia.

Ya think? Raimondo nails it:

All this [fomenting a coup and a civil war in Ukraine] was done in the name of sticking a finger in Vladimir Putin’s eye, whose great sin has been kicking out thieving oligarchs and opposing US pretensions to global hegemony. Washington’s ultimate goal is regime-change in the Kremlin, and the reinstallation of a Yeltsin-like sock puppet who, when Washington says “Jump!” will answer: “How high?”

The truth about the United States is this: anyone who challenges U.S. global economic and/or military hegemony will be taken out. The standard playbook includes the demonization, in the media, of whatever leader is in the U.S.’s crosshairs in order to justify an illegitimate war against the country in question for the economic gain of banks and corporations. And so, in corporate-owned media, Putin is mocked and vilified by “journalists” who regurgitate the false narratives fed to them by the White House, State Department, intelligence community and military. This, of course, is to legitimize regime-change in the eyes of U.S. citizens as well as the obscene sums our Wall Street/ corporate-backed government spends on war.

That they’re [President Obama and the military/industrial/intelligence complex] willing to risk World War III in order to achieve their goal underscores the sheer craziness of US foreign policy. The latest official US “National Security Strategy” puts the new cold war at the center of Washington’s military-diplomatic vision—an emphasis so monstrously misplaced that it’s hard to believe they’re serious.

Yet you had better believe it: this is what we can expect from a future Democratic administration, if one should come to pass, with Hillary Clinton taking her husband’s Slavophobia—remember the Kosovo war?— to new heights of unreason.