Republicans’ letter to Iran: Indefensible

letter to iranAre there no Republican leaders with a sense of decency anymore? Any of them who respect the office of the President, even if they don’t agree with the office holder? Can anyone defend these actions by the leadership of a major party?

In the past week we have seen the Senate Majority Leader tell states to ignore a law upheld by the US Supreme Court, and then send a letter to a foreign leader telling him not to negotiate with the president of the USA.

It is just sick. The most flagrant anti-Americanism I have seen by a party in my lifetime.

Paul Waldman writes, in the Washington Post:

 “But as has happened so many times before, Republicans seem to have concluded that there is one set of rules and norms that apply in ordinary times, and an entirely different set that applies when Barack Obama is the president. You no longer need to show the president even a modicum of respect. You can tell states to ignore the law. You can sabotage delicate negotiations with a hostile foreign power by communicating directly with that power.

“I wonder what they’d say if you asked them whether it would be acceptable for Democrats to treat the next Republican president that way. My guess is that the question wouldn’t even make sense to them. After all, that person would be a Republican. So how could anyone even think of such a thing?”

Read the full text of the letter here.