He didn’t buy Obamacare. Now he’s sick, and mad at…Obamacare.

Luis Lang 1Luis Lang, of Fort Mill, South Carolina, was making quite a comfortable living, and chose not to buy health insurance, because he had always been able to pay his medical bills on his own. He smokes and has diabetes, which he admits he does not do enough to control.

He knew that Obamacare mandated he buy insurance, but he just figured he could always buy it if he got really sick.

One month after the enrollment period closed, he found out he had had several mini-strokes, and was losing his eyesight. He had to stop working.

If the South Carolina legislature chose to expand the Medicaid program under the ACA, he would have been able to get that coverage, but they didn’t, because they hate the president and don’t think people who don’t work should get health care on the taxpayer dime.

He won’t apply for Social Security disability because it takes too long.

He will probably go blind.

But here is the moral of the story. Who does this man and his wife blame for his problems?

“He and his wife blame President Obama and Congressional Democrats for passing a complex and flawed bill.

“ ‘(My husband) should be at the front of the line because he doesn’t work and because he has medical issues,’ Mary Lang said last week. ‘We call it the Not Fair Health Care Act.’ ”

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