Learning from George Wallace: Apologizing for hate

wallaceThere has been a theory circulating for quite some time that the underlying cause of the anger and angst of the right wing, and its more extreme and vocal proponents ranging from Limbaugh and Fox News to the Tea Party and the candidates who suck up to it, is that it is the last desperate fearful gasp of mainly aging white males realizing their dominance and power is slipping away in a country they no longer recognize.

As I hear and read these folks go crazy with hate today, they are in my thoughts as we make way for an America with a more level playing field for blacks and homosexuals and immigrants, and allow them access to fair housing and marriage and health care.

My guess (or maybe my hope) is that in the not too distant future, they will look back and apologize, like George Wallace or Lee Atwater, or at least just quietly admit that these were all big steps forward, not backward, for greatness and democracy, and that the USA has been strengthened, not weakened. Sharing equality and spreading fairness is a good thing. One day they’ll realize that, too.