Bernie vs. Hillary

bernie-hillaryWe’ve all heard plenty from the TV pundits about what happened at the first Democratic primary debate in October 2015. For what it’s worth, I am a strong Bernie supporter, but I am feeling more comfortable about working for Hillary if she is the nominee.

I’ve been to two events that were advertised on the Bernie website and have met some amazing people. Former GOP voters, people who have never been interested in politics before, etc. I pin a Bernie button on my purse when I’m out and about. So many people comment about loving Bernie that I’ve given away all my buttons and will have to get some more.

Both Bernie and Hillary have lots to offer. If Bernie is president, I think he’s the only one who can excite people about the political process and vote out some of the useless Republican members of Congress. “The times they are a changin’ ” (Was that Bob Dylan?) Bernie was a progressive long before most of us knew what the word meant. The Republicans have gradually made fools of themselves enough times that voters are fed up with them. It was a matter of giving them enough rope to hang themselves, and they have.

So Bernie is my choice because he has the fire in the belly to lead a revolution which we definitely need right now.

In Hillary’s favor, she understands the complexity of international relations, both from her experience listening to her husband president, working in the Senate and serving as Secretary of State. I took a couple of political philosophy and international relations classes but don’t consider myself an expert by any means. So many people have simplistic ideas about what the U.S. should do in any situation overseas.

If you watch “Madam Secretary” on CBS on Sunday evenings, you can get a sense of how complicated most situations are. BTW, Madeline Albright was part of last week’s show. She still looks great.

As much as I’d love to see a woman president, I don’t think Hillary can excite people who have never been active politically. Americans love something “new” whether it’s a new shopping mall or restaurant or whatever. Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are “new” to people who have never paid attention before.

In order to get enough people motivated to put the time and effort into pushing back at the oligarchy that actually runs our country and the “freedom” extremists who want to bring government to a halt, it will take someone like Bernie to lead the way. This is a critical time in our history. What happens in the next year or so will determine which path we take. Honestly, I think the general population may be too spoiled and selfish to make the sacrifices necessary to defeat the Koch brothers and the Freedom Caucus simultaneously.

Some of the Bernie supporters I’ve met out here in rural Franklin County are dragging me out to events where we can tell people about Bernie. I’d rather sit and do voter registration which takes less energy. But I guess I have to take my own advice and sacrifice some time and talent for the worthiest cause I can think of—maybe, just maybe, rescuing what’s left of our commitment to each other as a society