peaceful protest

The hypocrisy of protesting about peaceful protests

It is amazing to see Trump voters complaining about peaceful protests. How many of them were silent when Trump spewed his hatred, and encouraged his followers to beat up people who were peacefully protesting at his rallies? How many of them spoke out when Trump silently watched his supporters kick the wheelchair of a young boy? Did any of them ask Trump to stop his racism, or misogyny, or xenophobia, or anti-Semitism, or his blatant hatred of Mexicans and Muslims? Did any of them get angry watching Trump smile as his supporters yelled “Lock her up” and he promised to have Clinton prosecuted?

Even if they did not like Trump’s bigotry, they decided that it isn’t important, and voted for him anyway.

Many of these people showed no respect for President Obama or the office of the president. They have spent the last eight years refusing to even acknowledge the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency, and have refused to negotiate, compromise, or even offer alternative solutions. They have not held hearings on issues and policies, or put forward any legislation, but instead have spent all of their time on investigations of phony scandals.

Going back even further, they thought it was hilarious when a gang of operatives **organized by the Republican Party** loudly demonstrated and stopped a recount in Florida in 2000.

Any large protest movement is going to attract fringe-types and people who want to start trouble. A handful will act against the best interests of the protestors and ignore directives against vandalism and violence. But 99.9% of the protesters are peaceful.

I have long admired the protestors in other countries who turn out in huge numbers to speak out against their governments and in favor of human rights and democracy. I am happy to see the protests here, and I hope they get bigger and stronger, and last throughout this lying hateful crook’s administration. They have no need to apologize or back down.