Taibbi: Obama’s legacy

One of many great ironies of Trump is that after the Republicans spent eight years blasting Obama for disgracing the presidency and criticizing him and his family for being unfit for the White House, they put into office a man and family whose personal lives have been filed with scandal and are a total embarrassment.

Matt Taibbi, who has been highly critical of many of Obama’s policies, comes to this conclusion in an article entitled, “President Obama’s Last Stand” in Rolling Stone:

There are a lot of people these days wondering if the election of the race-baiting Donald Trump will end up staining or outright repudiating the legacy of Barack Obama. I think it will be the other way around. Trump’s presidency is almost sure to throw the best qualities of this unique and powerful historical figure into relief. . .

It’s Obama who has been the great model for young men of his generation. And ten years from now, when the millions of young people who grew up during his presidency start to enter the workforce and become leaders and parents, we’ll see more clearly what he meant to this country. . .

Donald Trump may have won the White House, but he will never be a man like his predecessor, whose personal example will now only shine more brightly with the passage of time. At a time when a lot of Americans feel like they have little to be proud of, we should think about our outgoing president, whose humanity and greatness are probably only just now coming into true focus.