The un-President

There is so much to unlike about the current President of the United States. I’ve been compiling a list of “un” words that describe him and his actions: Unprecedented, undisciplined, uninterested, uneducated, unmindful, unimpressive, un-presidential, unstable, uncontrolled, unconstitutional, unimpressive, untruthful, and many more. But none of those fit into the rhyme scheme of the little ditty I’m offering underneath these paragraphs.

If you’re like me, you’re supremely uncomfortable with the man in the White House, but feel un-empowered to do anything about it, given the Republicans’ unchecked control of all three branches of government. One thing I’m not is undecided: He’s the worst president America could possibly have elected. Go ahead, Trumpsters: Call me unpatriotic. I am unashamed of my opinion, and I will unabashedly, unstintingly, unrelentingly, unremittingly continue to criticize him until America undoes this unmitigated disaster.

Here’s my ditty: Unedited and somewhat un-rhythmic.

Our un-President

His tweets are unwise, his ideas unknown.

Our uncaring president’s not fully grown.

Unimpaired and unchecked, his rage unimpeded,

His mistakes, unacknowledged, remain un-conceded.

Uncaring, unhinged and completely unread,

His thoughts are as messy as my unmade bed.

Unblocked, unimpeded and so unrestrained,

He tweets from a mind that is empty, untrained.

Unqualified? Need I unpack this for you?

It’s so unbelievable, and it isn’t untrue.

He’s untrustworthy, and he’s untruthful to boot.

He’s loutish and boorish and also uncouth.

His unthinking actions and unseemly whining

Are alarming our friends: It is so undermining.

Underwhelming, undisciplined, and wholly unfit,

Our un-President’s  turning the US to shit.