Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Two very quick questions I’d like the press to ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Huckabee Sanders handled herself with such dignity and fine reasoning in the Red Hen incident, but three days later at her press conference, she dives into her usual sloppy logic and nastiness. Among the worst of it is what she says about Democrats. And, she gets away with it, because the press does not ask the appropriate follow-up questions. Here are two of the worst cases from today’s press conference:

Sanders says: “The Democrats are the ones that want open borders”

The follow-up question not asked: “Name one Democrat who supports open borders.” The press does not ask this, and yet there are no Democrats who support open borders without serious restrictions. Shame on the press.

Sanders says: “We need Democrats to stop playing political games.”

The follow-up question not asked: “Do Republicans ever play political games?” Never asked. Shame on the press.

Just asking. And why doesn’t the press do the same.