Disheartening to hear criticism of NY Times and Anonymous

Words like cowardly have been used to describe the person who wrote the anonymous op-ed to the New York Times. But think about it. If Anonymous had revealed his/her identity, he/she would no longer be in the White House. Any person of sound mind is far more valuable to us on the inside of the White House than on the outside. Furthermore, the presence of Anonymous in the White House serves to further reveal how vindictive and unfocused Donald Trump is.

The nation is awakening to the danger. Even Barack Obama chose to enter the political fray because he sees that we have ranged far outside of normalcy in the White House. His patience may have been a virtue for a while, but it all too evident now that all hands must be on-board to address the issues inside the White House – ones that far too many Republicans on the outside are enabling by inaction.

Criticizing the New York Times is like faulting the person who sounds a fire alarm when the building is really on fire. The Times obviously did the necessary vetting of Anonymous and because of their willingness to break a rule that needed to be broken, we all have a better idea of what is going on behind closed doors at 1600.

It took over thirty years for the world to learn that former FBI agent Mark Felts was Deep Throat of Watergate fame. The case of possible suspects in the White House, or in the broader Trump administration, is much smaller. Anonymous will either be identified or will step forward before too long.

Once that happens, the focus will partially turn away from the transgressions of Trump to the character of Anonymous. It’s a sure bet that Trump will be joined by many other Republicans in lambasting this person. By taking his or her persona out of the equation, at least for a while, Anonymous has done us a great service. We must all seize the moment take the necessary steps to either minimize the damage that Trump does or remove him from office in a constitutional fashion.