“I’m a Republican…and Obamacare is the best health care I’ve ever had.”

In February, Mark D. Beardon, a retired psychologist living in Monroe, North Carolina wrote a letter to President Obama, letting him know how the Affordable Care Act is helping him. Here’s the letter, just in time for the big ACA deadline on March 31, 2014. Personally, I think this is how the ACA will continue to gain popularity and signups–even among people who say they won’t get near it, because it’s something created by President Obama. One person at a time–one at-work conversation at a time–one Obama-hater at a time who finds out that his or her previously uninsured co-workers or classmate got a good deal on health insurance via the dreaded “Obamacare” website–one uninsured illness or accident at a time that a patient or victim realizes, too late, could have been covered by Obamacare.

Here’s what Beardon wrote:

I am a staunch Republican, a self-proclaimed Fox News addict, and I didn’t vote for the President. And I’m here to tell you that Obamacare works. I’m living proof.

I’m a chemotherapy patient, and was previously paying $428 a month for my health coverage. I was not thrilled when it was cancelled.

Then I submitted an application at HealthCare.gov. I looked at my options. And I signed up for a plan for $62 a month.

It’s the best health care I have ever had.

So right now, here’s what I want to tell anyone who still needs health insurance, or knows someone who does:

Sign up. Follow the instructions on the website. Apply, and look at your options. You still have time, and take it from me: This is something you want to do.

I wrote a letter to President Obama this past February to tell him about my experience with the Health Insurance Marketplace. I hoped he’d read it, and he did.

I may not be a supporter of the President. But now, I get mad when I see Obamacare dragged through the mud on television.

And even though I regularly tune in to conservative pundits, I’d like to tell them they’re getting it wrong. Obamacare works.

So one more time: If you still need health insurance, you have just three days to get it. Do what I did. Go to HealthCare.gov, submit an application, and pick a plan that works for you.

It just might change your life.