Mask Mandate

Why the Word ‘Mandate” Is so Tricky in our Political System

Mandates are not all the same. It is helpful to divide them into two categories. The distinction between the two largely defines the differences between the Republicans / Trumpsters and Democrats / Progressives.

1. Those mandates that protect the liberties of individuals.
2. Those mandates that protect the common good for society as a whole.

Delmar Trolley

Socialism and the Loop Trolley

I wrote most of this essay on the day (12/29/2019) of the last Loop Trolley ride. For those outside of St. Louis, the Delmar Loop is a famous cultural street, connecting University City with the City of St. Louis proper. Revitalized in the late twentieth century primarily by local entrepreneur Joe Edwards, it was voted one of ten “Great Streets in America” by the American Planning Association in 2007.